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Our Mission

Our Corporate Profile

The preferred AGL supplier in the United States of America

Our mission is to be the preferred airfield ground lighting supplier for American airports with our innovative, high-performance and reliable portfolio so airports can operate in the safest and most sustainable conditions.

People at the core

For more than 100+ years we have delivered best-in-class Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) products. A company driven by people – be it our employees who have a passion for invention, our partners who take pride in our commitment to best-in-class quality delivery, and our customers for whom we have developed the most innovative and reliable AGL portfolio in the industry.

What We Stand For

Great Innovation

Well thought through developments that always follow the same concept guidelines:

  • Simplicity in design to decrease potential weaknesses and significantly improve the maintainability of the lights
  • Plug & play installation, reducing time lost during installation
  • Full compatibility with already installed systems (e.g. bases) resulting in decreased investment costs
  • Superior quality that reduces maintenances and guarantees a longer lifetime of the lights in all potential weather conditions and temperatures
  • Sustainability: producing the lights without any harmful components, complying with and produced according to the latest ISO specifications

The Move to LED

The move from incandescent to LED leads to substantial savings in energy costs and maintenance costs.

  • LED lights provide up to 90% of energy savings compared to conventional lighting
  • LED lights require fewer maintenance intervals. On average, LED lamps need to be replaced far less than conventional lights (the annual failure rate of 100% to 200% for incandescent lamps falls to just 1% to 2% with LED) leading to far fewer interventions and increased safety for the maintenance technicians working on replacing the lamps

Highest Degree of Operability

A higher degree of safety and operational availability.

  • Lesser maintenance (because of the move to LED and the design principles used by ME in developing the lights) translates to reduced movement of maintenance technicians and vehicles on the airfield, and infrastructure remains open to air traffic
  • The above lowers the risk of runway incursions while increasing operational safety and aircraft movements

Full Reliability

  • MULTI ELECTRIC is the only AGL provider with a 24/7 rule. When a fixture breaks for whatever reason (a ground handling car that runs over the elevated light, wrong installation, etc.), MULTI ELECTRIC guarantees to ship a new light within 48 hours. This service is offered to all of our customers; demonstrating we are serious about the quality we provide

Produced in the United States

  • At Multi Electric in Chicago, we produce airfield ground lighting solutions for all the US commercial airports and the US Army and Navy, two of our long-time customers. We are supported by our solid supply chain, enabling us to be flexible to react to demanding requests from the Market. Our production setup has been designed in accordance with the highest industry standards.
  • We rely on lean manufacturing principles to optimize the production flow and improve communication and the work organization.

A Trustworthy Partner

Overall, our aim is to be your Trustworthy AGL Partner.

  • Visual Guidance is key for the safety of air transportation, it’s the key resource pilots rely on when departing or landing. We want to make sure that wherever our lights are installed passengers, pilots and all airport users can rely upon the visual guidance solutions from MULTI ELECTRIC.
  • We have supplied hundreds of thousands of lights all over the world, guaranteeing the safety of millions of passengers. Airports trust us to deliver the best quality with the lowest failure rates and the most innovative products that are simple to use. Trust is key when it comes to providing visual guidance and that can only be achieved by consistently delivering innovative products that work, are easy to maintain, and providing plug & play capability without losing anything in strength.

Our Values


The development of a proprietary research and development process, constant attention to detail and rigorous product testing ensure that our partners have uncompromising cutting-edge solutions.


Thanks to our global presence we are able to personally manage the entire design cycle, production and technical support.


The development of a proprietary research and development process, constant attention to detail and rigorous product testing ensure that our partners have uncompromising cutting-edge solutions.


Since the early 2000s we have been designing and producing innovative LED solutions conceived to reduce environmental impact, energy consumption and maintenance costs of airport facilities.

Our History

MULTI ELECTRIC is without a doubt one of the oldest manufacturers of Airfield Ground Lighting solutions in the world.

We can look back at a rich history in which a lot of new products and solutions – often a world’s first on the market – have been introduced to the market, from inset lights, to approach solutions for the FAA and from portable lighting to signal light guns for the guidance of helicopters during the deployment of the US Military abroad.

The company was founded in 1917 by Mr. Clarence McDonald and remained family-owned and operated by the McDonald family until March of 2001.

When it comes to Airfield Ground Lighting, no other company can boast such a rich history as MULTI ELECTRIC can. The company offers a successful portfolio of the latest generation of LED lights that stand out through what the company has been known for since its start; reliability, quality, innovation, and energy efficiency.