More and more airports are selecting MULTI ELECTRIC for their Airfield Ground Lighting solutions to improve operations and mitigate disruptions. Airports know that with MULTI ELECTRIC’s leading LED portfolio, reliability and quality issues are no longer a concern.

MULTI ELECTRIC is one of the oldest AGL companies around.  Since 1917, MULTI ELECTRIC has contributed to safer flying with our Airfield Ground Lighting solutions including the first approach lights, the first inset lights, the first portable lights, and many more “Made in the USA” developments.


The vision of MULTI ELECTRIC and its’ parent company, OCEM Airfield Technology (pronounce as O’Chem) is to be the preferred airfield solutions supplier for airports worldwide with our innovative, high performance, and reliable portfolio so airports can operate in the safest and most sustainable conditions.  There are reasons why our customers are our best Ambassadors and why MULTI ELECTRIC has become the most respected airfield solutions expert in the world.

  1. Innovative Solutions. MULTI ELECTRIC is known for its love of technology with a solid focus on innovation. Over the past few years, we have invested substantially in our current portfolio utilizing the latest LED and lighting technology. This is evident in our low profile inset lights and maintenance-friendly elevated lights with diagnostic capabilities.  We continue to expand our portfolio and will launch additional solutions to the North American market in the near future.
  2. Outstanding Quality and Reliability: Our products are built with precision to the highest standards. Our Design, Production, and Quality teams work closely to ensure our products exceed FAA requirements and customer expectations, resulting in one of the highest quality standards in the industry. To improve reliability and quality, we encapsulate our electronics to provide the highest IP rating in the industry.
  3. Putting People First. Whether it is our customers, employees, or the flying public, we put people first. We place the highest emphasis on the safety, relationships, and personal development of our employees and the aviation community.  Our team is passionate about aviation and has substantial airfield experience focused on addressing our customer needs.  We concentrate on AGL, nothing else.  Our experts can talk to other AGL experts at airports, contractors, or engineering companies without being distracted by other non-AGL offerings.

If you would like to find out more about how MULTI ELECTRIC can help you meet your airfield lighting needs, visit our home or contact Todd McNabb via e-mail (Todd.MacNabb [at] or (952) 715-7195.