Power & Control Systems

DIAM 4200

1 to 15 kVA IGBT controlled Sinusoidal Single-Phase Constant Current Regulator

DIAM 4200

DIAM4200 series CCRs are optimized static devices, controlled IGBT bridges, designed to maintain a constant, pre-displayed and adjustable output current independently of load or power supply fluctuations. These devices are specifically designed for visual aids supply, and particularly LED lights.

COMPLIANT with the Current Edition of the following Specs:
ICAO: Annex 14 – Volume I

IEC: TS 61827

FAA: AC 150/5345-51B, 5340-30H, Engineering Brief #67

Width: Ø144 mm

Height: 310 mm

Breakable Coupling Thread: 2″-11 GAS

Omnidirectional: 9 VA

Monitoring: electronic device that returns information of open circuit at the secondary of the isolation transformer in case of failure of a luminous LED source or control board.