Approach, LED, Runway & Apron


LED Elevated Medium Intensity Runway Light


LE-MIRL – LED Elevated Medium Intensity Runway Light is part of the latest generation Medium Intensity Lights for the next generation of airports. Using the newest technologies available, the LE-MIRL – LED ELEVATED MEDIUM INTENSITY RUNWAY LIGHT is tougher and safer than older generations of Medium Intensity Lights in the market. Thanks to its near-maintenance free promise, it is more reliable and sustainable than existing products currently available and its IP 68 grade adds to its outstanding performance. The LE-MIRL – LED Elevated Medium Intensity Runway Lights can be used as Runway Edge, Threshold and Stoplights.


Product for Runways, approach, shifted threshold, wing bars and stopway, landing zone and fillets edge (with connector)


Height incl. installation 14″ (35,5 cm)
Height incl. installation 20″ (50,8 cm)
Height incl. installation 24″ (60,9cm)
Height incl. installation 30″ (76,2cm)

COMPLIANT with the Current Edition of the following Specs:

FAA (AC150/5345-46, EB67)
AP-170 (Chapter 3.1)
CASA (Manual of Standards Part 139)

FAA (L-861) 11.5W / 11.6 VA
FAA (L-861E) 13.8W / 13.9 VA
FAA (L-861 SE) 7.4W / 7.5VA
AP-170 15.9W / 16.2 VA
CASA MOS 17.1W / 17.3VA

Additional Options

Arctic Kit: electric device, thermostatically controlled, that heats the area near the prisms (inset fixtures) or the external glass lens (elevated fixtures) favoring the melting of the ice and/or snow; thus avoids the light beam obstruction with a behaviour similar to a traditional halogen lamp. Less than 12 VA.

Monitoring: electronic device that returns information of open circuit at the secondary of the isolation transformer in case of failure of a luminous LED source or control board.