Halogen, LED, Power & Control Systems


Airfield Lighting Control Monitoring System & Individual Lamp Control And Monitoring System


AGLC Console is the main OCEM ALCMS application with an intuitive GUI/HMI that:

  • shows the current status of the complete airfield lighting system, as located on the airport map
  • shows the current status of all CCRs and all other users, highlighting specific alarms
  • allows to forward commands only if the mastership is acquired, by tower or maintenance operators; only one station a time can hold the command mastership to control CCRs and other units
  • manages preset commands, as per visibility mode (day, twilight, night), runway visual range and category of operations (CAT)
  • allows to command CCRs in ” single mode ” or ” group mode “, as circuits are grouped for functionalities and redundancies
  • shows a different layout, tailored for Control and Maintenance operators.

COMPLIANT with the Current Edition of the following Specs:

ICAO: Annex 14 – Volume I

FAA: L-890T AC150/5345-56A


IEC: 62143 – 61508