Halogen, Heliports


Heliport Precision Approach Path Indicator


APPLICATIONS:  A-PAPI system provides the pilot a positive visual indication of the helicopter position in respect to the optimal glide slope during the final approach to the helipad.
For heliports the most commonly used system is the A-PAPI, consisting of two units preferably located on the extension of the landing direction, installed outside the helipad.
Each unit produces a beam of light, the upper portion being white, the lower red, with a sharp transition; each unit is equipped with two lamps. When a pilot is flying close to the nominal approach slope, the right unit appears red and the other white; if the pilot follows greater angles both the units appear white, while for lower angles they appear red.
However configurations and different layouts are possible depending on the local needs, including the possibility of adopting a PAPI system consists of four units.

COMPLIANT with the Current Edition of the following Specs:

ICAO: Annex 14 – Volume II