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Multi Electric, Inc. is recognized as a world-class manufacturer in the airfield and shipboard lighting industries, through quality in manufacturing

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About us

Located in the west area of Chicago, Multi Electric Mfg. Inc. was founded in 1917 as a manufacturer of lighting equipment and accessories. In the early fifties, Multi Electric became involved in Airport Lighting and has become a standard for innovation, quality, reliability and safety. Since that time, we have been working with various government and federal agencies including FAA, the US Air Force and the US Navy.


In April of 2001, Multi Electric Manufacturing, Inc. became part of OCEM Group headquartered in Bologna (Italy).


Multi Electric falls now under the umbrella of Energy Technology, a larger top-notch organization, combining American and European knowledge and engineering experience to serve the ICAO, FAA and Military aviation market with a full range of airfield lighting products.


Our equipment is installed at air carrier, general aviation and military airports in the United States and throughout the world.


Multi Electric, Inc. is committed to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations through reliable service, continuous availability and flexibility to meet our diverse customer requirements through continuous improvement in design and manufacturing. Continuous improvement is accomplished by:


  • Employee Involvement
  • Training
  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Leadership


Multi strives to provide safe airport environments through:


We provide assistance to airport staff and engineering firms in the design, installation and maintenance of Visual Aids.


Our staff is ready 24/7 to assist our customers.


We stand ready to modify our products to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.


Our products are designed and manufactured to exceed all industry standards and specifications.

Our Services

Multi Electric offers a wide array of services throughout the lifecycle of installing airport lighting equipment including:


  • Custom planning and system design
  • Product installation
  • System start up
  • Training of your staff on maintenance and safety procedures
  • Oversight of entire project


Multi Electric remains your reliable partner available 24/7 throughout the project from design and installation, through inspection and finally ongoing maintenance and training.


For more information regarding technical support services, please contact sales@multielectric.com

LED Excellence


OCEM’s solutions include a complete portfolio of LED products specialized for airfield fittings.

OCEM was one of the early pioneers investing in LED technology applications for airfields, identifying LED’s numerous benefits:

  •  energy saving
  •  optimized longevity
  •  less maintenance
  •  cost saving

Our Products

Landing Runway

Our Courses



AVL1 will focus on:

  • Aviation lighting standards including ICAO, FAA, NATO as well as other regional standards
  • Lights: types, installation and maintenance.
  • PAPI system: main characteristics, installation and maintenance.
  • Flashing approach lights: main characteristics, installation and maintenance.
  • Constant current  regulators: main characteristics and topologies, operation and maintenance.
  • Remote control system and single lamp control/monitoring system: main equipment, architecture and main features.

Duration: 1 day



AVL2 will focus on:

  • Introduction: airfield lighting circuits.
  • Airfield lighting systems and controls.
  • International specifications.
  • Limits of degradation and maintenance interventions.
  • Series circuit structure.
  • Types of lights.
  • Maintenance of lights.
  • Primary and secondary circuits.
  • Maintenance activities.
  • Grounding System.
  • Safety, security and reliability.
  • CCR typologies: features and operation.
  • Distribution network: load balance and protection proper sizing/coordination.
  • CCRs configuration.
  • How to safely work on the CCRs.
  • Computerized control System.
  • Examples of CCR maintenance intervention.
  • PAPI calibration.

Duration: 2 days

Our Clients

Air Carrier Airports

General Aviation Airports


Air Forces




Where we are


4223-43 West Lake St.
Chicago, IL 60624

Email:  sales@multielectric.com
Phone: +1 773-722-1900
Fax: 773-722-5694


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