LED Taxiway Elevated Edge Light (L-861T)

Taxiway edge for FAA, ICAO and military taxiways


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Product Description

LED Taxiway Elevated Edge Light for FAA, ICAO and military taxiways


  • 60,000 hours LED rated life at full intensity, but over 100,000 hours in field operating conditions
  • LED lights have lower power consumption requiring smaller CCRs and transformers, and thus overall lower life cycle costs
  • The light output varies similar to a traditional halogen lamps, meeting the requirements of FAA Engineering Briefing No.67
  • The Color is emitted directly by the LEDs resulting in greater efficiency.
  • Fully with most Air Field infrastructure.
  • Designed with simplicity in mind allowing longer maintenance intervals and requiring fewer spare parts
  • Custom lens gaskets are used to avoid the use of sealing compounds
  • No optical adjustment is required for LED module or lens replacement
  • Operating with any CCR designed in compliance with FAA or IEC requirements