LED Inset Taxiway Edge Light (L-852-L-T)

Taxiway edge for FAA, ICAO and military taxiways


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Product Description

LED Inset Taxiway Edge Light for FAA, ICAO and military taxiways.


  • 60,000 hours LED rated life at full intensity, but over 100,000 hours in field operating conditions
  • In new installation, LED lights mean lower loads, smaller CCRs and transformers, thus lower life cycle costs
  • The light output varies like a traditional halogen lamp, as required by the FAA “Engineering Briefing No.67”
  • Color produced by LEDs: no color filter ensures no energy losses and no color shifts
  • Fully compatible with existing AFL infrastructures*
  • Designed with simplicity allowing longer maintenance intervals and fewer spare parts
  • No use of sealant to fix the lens in the dome thanks to customized gaskets, making replacement quick and easy
  • Replacement of LED module or lens requires no op cal adjustment
  • Pressure Valve provided for water tightness test after overhaul
  • Operates with any type of CCR designed in compliance with FAA or IEC requirements

* For monitored fixtures, isola n transformer max size: 200VA