LED Inset Runway Edge Light (L-850C)

Runways edge for FAA, ICAO, CAT I, II, and III and military runways.


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Product Description

LED Inset Runway Edge Light


  • 60,000 hours LED rated life at full intensity, but over 100,000 hours in field operating conditions In new installation, LED lights mean smaller loads, smaller CCRs and transformers, thus lower life cycle costs
  • The light output varies like a traditional halogen lamp, as required by the FAA “Engineering Briefing No.67”
  • The Color is emitted directly by LEDs: no colored filters ensures no energy losses and no color shifts
  • Fully compatible with existing AFL infrastructure*
  • Designed with simplicity allowing longer maintenance intervals and fewer spare parts
  • A customized gasket makes prism replacement quick and easy.
  • LED module or prism replacement requires no optical adjustment
  • A Pressure Valve is provided for water tightness testing after overhaul
  • Operates with any type of CCR designed in compliance with FAA or IEC requirements

* For monitored fixtures, n transformer max size: 200VA