Incandescent Taxiway Edge Light (L-861T)

The 6100 Series Medium Intensity Light is used for elevated runway edge, taxiway and threshold/end lighting.


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Product Description

The Incandescent Taxiway Edge Light is used for elevated runway edge, taxiway and threshold/end lighting.

The fixtures are certified to FAA L-861, L-861T and L-861E under Advisory Circular 150/5345-46 and meet the requirements of ICAO Annex 14.

The 6100 series fixture is a die cast aluminum fixture body which supports a single lens in a precise position with respect to the prefocused filament of the lamp. Lenses are either solid or split combination colored. The basic fixture assembly includes lens gasket, lens clamp band, upright tube, secondary cable assembly and 1-1/2” threaded Frangible Coupling.