AVL1 will focus on:

  • Aviation lighting standards including ICAO, FAA, NATO as well as other regional standards
  • Lights: types, installation and maintenance.
  • PAPI system: main characteristics, installation and maintenance.
  • Flashing approach lights: main characteristics, installation and maintenance.
  • Constant current  regulators: main characteristics and topologies, operation and maintenance.
  • Remote control system and single lamp control/monitoring system: main equipment, architecture and main features.

Duration: 1 day


AVL2 will focus on:

  • Introduction: airfield lighting circuits.
  • Airfield lighting systems and controls.
  • International specifications.
  • Limits of degradation and maintenance interventions.
  • Series circuit structure.
  • Types of lights.
  • Maintenance of lights.
  • Primary and secondary circuits.
  • Maintenance activities.
  • Grounding System.
  • Safety, security and reliability.
  • CCR typologies: features and operation.
  • Distribution network: load balance and protection proper sizing/coordination.
  • CCRs configuration.
  • How to safely work on the CCRs.
  • Computerized control System.
  • Examples of CCR maintenance intervention.
  • PAPI calibration.

Duration: 2 days